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Kiss your debt good-bye and say "hello" to financial freedom.

Welcome to The Savvy Finance Coach, offering one-on-one financial coaching programs to put you in control of your money.

     Are you...

  • Stressed over money?

  • Burdened by debt?

  • Behind on bills?

  • Living from paycheck to paycheck?

  • Unprepared for a financial emergency?

  • Behind on saving?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you will benefit from the programs we offer. Our Personal Financial Coaching programs provide one-on-one sessions tailored to your needs. Our first session, "The Foundation Session", provides a comprehensive plan to address your immediate financial goals. Our follow-up programs provide a set of sessions that - through education and encouragement - reinforce, maintain and refine your money management skills. Savvy coaches also speak to groups and organizations whose members are interested in the basics of becoming money savvy.

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"The life you lead is influenced by the money you make and how you use it. Money pays for the roof over your head, the clothes you wear, the car you drive, and the food you eat. Money is so important, yet many people know very little about the fundamentals of personal finance and make poor choices when it comes to money. Savvy coaches are here to change that. We want to give you the tools, skills, techniques and confidence to make your money do amazing things. Are you ready to become money savvy?!"

Karen Neorr
President and Founder
The Savvy Finance Coach



"What a great coach! I have learned so much about a wide range of useful topics such as: credit card usage, credit ratings, financial communication with your spouse, goal setting, and net worth. So many useful practical tips have helped me get better insurance, better credit rating, and a bigger bank account!"

"The foundation coaching session was phenomenal because it was packed with good information, it was personalized to me, and it was enough to get me started with a working budget and a plan!"

"I found this type of information important, informative, and useful. I feel like this will help me to assess my spending habits and see what needs improvement."

"Great presentation! Great topics to consider to define my financial journey. Thank you."

"Well organized and passionate teacher. She presents topics well and really wants her students to succeed."

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