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Your journey to financial freedom starts here. 

Welcome to The Savvy Finance Coach

I'm Coach Karen. I have ridden the debt and divorce rollercoaster and understand the struggles people face every day when it comes to money. I have now turned my passion into a profession: empowering my clients to be confident and comfortable with money.

If you are searching for peace, confidence, clarity and control over your money, look no further. 


services I offer


One-on-One Money Coaching

From Debt to Prosperity: a path to financial freedom

Through one-on-one coaching, clients receive expert guidance and strategies to empower them to overcome debt, make informed financial choices, and ultimately realize a more rich & fulfilling life. 


Money Workshops

Are you looking for empowering, informative, and inspirational workshop series or individual money classes? Click below to learn more about available programs and upcoming events. 

Conference Meeting

Corporate Financial Wellness

We take an innovative, goal-focused approach to day-to-day money planning and financial wellness that will leave your employees feeling empowered and in control – reducing their stress and increasing an employer's bottom line.


"Thanks to help from our financial coach, we are buying a new house!
What a great coach! I have learned so much about a wide range of useful topics such as: credit card usage, credit ratings, financial communication with your spouse, goal setting, and net worth. So many useful practical tips have helped me get better insurance, better credit rating, and a bigger bank account! "
Jenny in Tennessee
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