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Corporate Financial Wellness

Give your employees financial peace of mind.

The Savvy Corporate Financial Wellness Program lays the foundation for creating and maintaining a healthy personal money plan (aka budget). Currently, only one third of Americans are budgeting monthly. Yet, having a money budget plan in place is key to reducing financial stress, paying off debt, creating a safety net, and ultimately improving workplace productivity. The traditional budgeting system is flawed – focusing on past mistakes, and a person’s current financial situation. It doesn’t help people plan ahead and experience peace of mind.

The Savvy Finance Money Plan provides an intuitive, functional, and predictive budgeting system. Other corporate financial programs force feed participants information about retirement and investing – ignoring the day-to-day financial struggles employees are facing now. If they do teach about budgeting, they still teach the old budgeting system that fails most people time and time again. At the Savvy Finance Coach, we take an innovative, goal-focused approach to day-to-day money planning and financial wellness that will leave your employees feeling empowered and in control – reducing their stress and increasing your bottom line.

Why Partner with the Savvy Finance Coach?


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