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Money is a significant factor influencing our everyday lives. Used wisely, it can provide peace, contentment and comfort, but on the other hand, poor money management can cause significant stress and anxiety. Although money is one of the most important influences in our lives, financial education is practically non-existent and personal finance is considered a taboo topic of polite conversation.... [read more]


Initiating change can be a formidable task. Clients often seek my financial coaching expertise because they recognize the need to transform or refine their money habits. However, despite this acknowledgment, implementing change remains a significant challenge even after enrolling in coaching services. I find it interesting that that even when we perceive a need for change, it doesn't automatically translate into seamless implementation. The underlying reason lies in our hardwired resistance to change. Our brain perceives change as a threat, triggering our fight or flight response. Conquering this natural and powerful negative response can be incredibly difficult but is entirely achievable... [read more]

The Boy Scouts have it right. Their motto, “Be Prepared”, means to always be ready, willing, and able to do what is necessary in any situation. These two powerful words are aimed at young scouts but apply equally to you and your personal finances.  “Being prepared” can enable you to deal with those unanticipated financial bumps in road, resulting in a more fulfilling and satisfying life.  Are you ready for a financial emergency?... [read more]

Emergency Vehicles

The first thing I hear when I mention budgeting to most people is a disgusted groan or a disheartened sigh. To my nerdy dismay, most people find budgeting boring, confusing or too complicated, and although they might think it could possibly be useful, it’s usually something at the bottom of the priority list. But shouldn’t your financial health be at the top of the list?... [read more]

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