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About The Savvy Finance Coach

The Savvy Finance Coach was started by Karen Neorr in 2019 because she wanted to help people with money. The Savvy FC program is designed to get clients out of debt while teaching the fundamental principles of personal finance. We recognize that many people never receive proper tools and education about money management. We want to change that. With the right knowledge and mindset in place, we believe anybody can become money savvy.

Meet Coach Karen

Karen started a career in financial coaching in 2018 after several years of personal finance transformation and education. Her personal finance transformation began in 2011 when she attended the Smart Women, Smart Money conference. It was that conference that motivated Karen to ultimately pay off $65,000 of debt in 6 years! Karen’s transformation has been inspired and informed by Dave Ramsey, Clark Howard, Allworth Financial's Money Matters, and many others. Karen completed the Financial Coach Academy, is a member coach of Coach Connections, and has long-term plans to become an accredited financial coach. In 2019, Karen hosted the nine week Financial Peace University Program.

​Karen lives in Sandpoint, Idaho. In addition to financial coaching, she has career experience in real estate, federal grant administration, forestry and wildland fire! In her free time, Karen spends a lot of time in the hiking, biking and playing with her son and black lab.

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