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Workshops and speaking events that motivate and inspire...

Savvy FC's speeches and workshops, carefully crafted by Coach Karen, are designed to empower you with both the motivation and the knowledge needed to make transformative and financially sound decisions. Whether you engage in a workshop series or join us at one of our speaking events, you'll discover valuable insights into our proven personal finance program, all while cultivating the inspiration and self-confidence necessary to become money savvy.

Upcoming Events

Money Monday at the Library

Brought to you by the East Bonner County Library and The Savvy Finance Coach, Money Monday is an empowering and informative ongoing workshop series, taught by a variety of financial experts, dedicated to transforming your relationship with money. Every first non-holiday Monday of the month, join us for a diversity of financial topics and practical insights to help you make the most of your money. Money Monday is not just about learning financial concepts – it's about creating a positive and lasting impact on your financial life. Whether you're aiming to improve your money management skills, striving for financial independence, or seeking to optimize your wealth-building strategy, make "Money Monday" your monthly dose of financial inspiration. Listen HERE to the KRFY podcast to learn more about Money Monday.

October 2, 2023:     Master your Money - The 6 Essentials of Financial Freedom

November 6, 2023:  Plan for Success - Developing a Money Plan w/ Coach Karen

December 4, 2023:  From Debt to Prosperity w/ Coach Karen

January 8, 2024:      Goal Setting - A New Year’s Resolution that Sticks w/ Coach Karen

February 5, 2024:    Retirement by Design w/ Alyse Ehrmantrout, CFP

March 4, 2024:        Estate Planning - Wills & Trusts w/ Hickey Law

April 1, 2024:          Credit Health 101 w/ Coach Karen

May 6, 2024:           Home Buying - possibly the biggest investment in your life! w/Black                                         Diamond Real Estate

Teen Money Workshop - How to Create Your Rich Life

In this FREE class, teens will learn the basic foundation of money management. Personal money management is an incredibly important task that can have long-lasting impacts. Planning ahead and managing money responsibly - by implementing the steps outlined in this class - will set young adults up for a lifetime of financial success. 









Do you want a Savvy Coach to speak at your event or teach a personal finance course? Our speeches and workshops are designed to give people a motivational boost to make rewarding, life changing financial choices.  We provide an overview of our tried and true personal finance program that will give anybody the inspiration and confidence to become money savvy.

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"I found this type of information important, informative, and useful. I feel like this will help me to assess my spending habits and see what needs improvement."

"I found the Goal Setting workshop very valuable. I haven't actually done any goal-setting in writing before and I found that extremely valuable."

"Well organized and passionate teacher. She presents topics well and really wants her students to succeed."

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