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2021 Savvy Financial Challenge!

This simple 3-month, $30 program, is designed jumpstart your finances in 2021!

       This program is right for you if:

              You are frustrated financially and don't know why

              You live paycheck to paycheck and can't get ahead

              You are sick and tired of debt

What is in the 3-month program?

Month 1


Learn a simple budget method to plan and track your spending. These strategies are designed to identify where you can make improvements and solidify healthy financial habits.

Month 2


These tried and true savings strategies will prevent financial emergencies, reduce financial surprises and set you up for the future.

Month 3

Paying off debt:

Debt is an unnecessary burden. No matter what kind of debt you have, learn the strategies to kiss your debt good-bye forever.


SMART financial goal-setting

How the program works:

You will receive regular emails with easy-to implement tasks and links to short YouTube instructional videos.  A program-specific Facebook page will provide participants with access to advice and recommendations from Coach Karen. You will be able to share your struggles and successes in a supportive and motivational group setting. Finances can be stressful and scary, but with my coaching assistance and a supportive team walking the same path, you will have greater peace of mind. 


Don't delay, register now!

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